How To Create Amazing Guest Posts & Get Them Published

How To Write a Guest Post and Get It Published

I LOVE that people want to be featured and guest post on Living on Love and Cents. I am honored and excited to see all of the interest lately. With all the interest also comes all the people that do not understand what they are asking for or how to ask for it.

Guest blogging is a great way to show your expertise in a subject, build your brand, reach a new audience, build your traffic and much more. You become credible and people can create online citations pointing back at you!

When I am looking for guests posts I look for high quality images and writing! If I am going to share your content with my readers it must be something that will benefit them. It must flow with my site. It must be full of eye catching images. Images speak to people and lead to sharing across the web.

Here are some key things to remember when submitting a guest post

  • 2 or more high quality images. Ask the site owner what size images work best on that site.  Example: We prefer at least 500px wide or tall.
  • 300+ words
  • Your name, info and link to your site should be placed at the bottom as a byline. This will generate traffic for you. Do not ask the blogger to add it.
  • Only submit articles to blogs that are relevant to your topic. Example: If you are a luxury car manufacture and your target audience is those who make $200,000 a year, you do not want to pitch me. Your site will not be of interest to me or my audience.
  • Show that you have read the blog and know the audience. I hate when I get a pitch and they say that they love my site,  then reference something that would not fit my site.
  • Be unique
  • Plan ahead and be mindful of timing. Example: Submit a Valentine’s Day Post in January. If you wait till the week of Valentine’s Day, you have missed your window.
  • Look around on the site. Do they have a ‘Contact Me’ or ‘Write For Us’. Before you send an email to the generic address, read the instructions for contacting for this purpose.
  • Follow the guidelines. Does the blogger have specific guidelines for submitting an article? If so, follow them. The more work you cause for the blogger the less likely they are to accept.
  • Make it easy for the blogger. Respect the blogger’s time by being clear, follow all guidelines, submit content that is complete with the images and byline and ready to be published.

These are the basic guidelines for helping you get your guest post published. Every blogger is different, so keep that in mind.

Are you a blogger? What do you look for?

Are you interested in writing and submitting a guest post? Check out the Write For Us section and follow the instructions. I can not wait to hear from you!