Make Your Own Colored Icing- Easy Recipe

diy colored icing

There are lots of options to choose the atore when it comes to icing. I refuse to pay extra money for.colorful icing. I like to use my diy colored icing. It is so easy and cheap!

A bowl for each color
A spoon for each color
Your favorite white icing. (Dollar store or off brand is fine)
Food color

Divide your icing into bowls if you want to make more than one color.white icing Drop a few drops color to the bowl until desired color is achieved.

diy icing

For purple I use red and blue. The less you use the lighter it will be. You can.customize to make your icing whatever color or vibrancy that you want.

colored icing 2

It is ready to use! Apply to your cup.or cupcakes as normal.

How To Make Colored Icing