St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Idea: DIY Shamrock Pancakes

Posted on Feb 28 2014 - 8:15am by Heather Brummett

st patricks day breakfast

These are so much fun! I was looking for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast ideas and decided to make green pancakes and do DIY Shamrock Pancakes. It was a huge hit!

To do this you need to make these green pancakes. Make them small so that small fingers can play with them. Make sausage links and consider Lucky Charms cereal.

Put each of the above in small bowls for each child.

st patrick's day breakfast idea

Use the sausage as the little stem and the green pancakes as the leaves. Make 3 leaves of 4 lucky leaves.

st patricks pancake shamrocks

Have fun!


stpatricks day pancakes

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