Connect With Others With A Simple Phrase: “Me Too!” (video)

 Today I want to talk about a simple two-word phrase that has a lot more power than you might think. Did you know you can connect with others using the simple phrase,


Think about a conversation with a four-year-old. When you say, “I am so cold”, and he turns looks at you and says “ME TOO!” He realizes he is not alone and someone else feels the same thing he does. You can both work on finding a solution, whether it be cuddling together or turning on the heater. At that moment there is a connection!

Think about when you have coffee with your girlfriend. You’re admitting to her how you feel about something. You know it’s crazy. You would never tell another soul. You’re only telling her because she is your friend and will not judge you. But then, BAM, she says “ME TOO!” Instant connection!

Think about when you are experiencing grief. You don’t want someone to make it better or minimize it. When you say “I really miss his hugs.” Then you hear “me too!” Connection! You can grieve together.

“ME TOO!” is an invitation to share more, to express your feelings, and just be heard! It’s a connection!

Try it today. Listen to someone and simply say, “ME TOO!” Watch what happens!