How To Make Pipe Cleaner Funky Flowers

How To Make Pipe Cleaner FlowersI stumbled upon Pipe Cleaner Rings the other day and was inspired to make Pipe Cleaner Flowers. But those were far too perfect for me and my little man. We decided to have some fun and make Pipe Cleaner Funky Flowers. These are fun and any age can make them. They make a great Mother’s Day gift or springtime craft as well.

How To Make Pipe Cleaner Funky Flowers


4 pipe cleaners (3 for the flower and 1 for the stem)How To Make Pipe Cleaner flowers


  • Lay the 3 pipe cleaners flat (You can use more for a larger flower)
  • Fold you stem in half
  • Place the 3 pipe cleaners in the crease of the folded stem (Step 1 above)
  • Twist the steam around the 3 pipe cleaners (Step 2 above)
  • You will now have your stem and 6 straight pipe cleaners (Step 4 above)
  • Take one of the pipe cleaners and wrap it around your finger to make a spiral or a cork shape.  (Step 5 above)
  • Remove your finger slowly and see the spiral. (Step 6 above)
  • Do this with your remaining pipe cleaner pieces.

It is ok to be imperfect. Some can be longer, tighter spirals, loser, just be creative.pipe cleaner flowers

Enjoy your flowers. You can place them in a pot to give as a homemade gift.How to Make Pipe Cleaner Flowers