Louisiana Beaches: Cypremont Pointe State Park #ExploringLA

Louisiana beachesCypremont Pointe State Park was our next stop while exploring Louisiana. We were told that this is the place to go. Coming from Houston and being regular visitors to Galveston Island, we were a little skeptical of the Louisiana beaches that they told us about.

Cypremont Pointe State Park  is right outside of Lydia and New Iberia, LA. Close enough for an easy drive out to the water, but far enough to feel like you are on a mini vacation. Nestled in deep behind the bayous and trees of Louisiana, down a long and winding road, we  came upon this state park. As we drove up it appeared to be a fisherman’s paradise. We saw a large boat ramp and trucks lined up to let their boats into the water. We were a little (A LOT) jealous!

We drove down a rocky road, past all the boaters and pulled up to an entrance booth. The lady was so kind. It was $2 a head except children under 3 and seniors. She also informed up that we could get a family pass for $80 for the year. Since we still had not seen the beach, we passed on that offer. louisiana beaches, cabins on the water

After paying, we drove past some cabins. They call them cabins, but they are really more like beach houses. At only $150 a night, I was super impressed! Louisiana beaches, waves

While we were too late to grab a covered eating area, there was still plenty of room. For a memorial day weekend, this beach was surprisingly empty! WHY? I am not sure! It was great! Take a look:

We may have been spoiled by clear water and white sand at the Beach in Gulfport Mississippi.But this Louisiana Beach was quite nice. It was clean, not crowded and very affordable. There are not concessions, so be sure and pack your lunch and drinks! If you forget, there is a little store outside the park and a Dollar General about 15 miles out. I didn’t stop by either, so can not suggest either over the other.

If you are curious about the Louisiana beaches, need a vacation on a budget, looking for a family friendly day trip, or just need to get some sun, Cypremort Pointe State Park is a great place to visit!