Taking The Back Roads of Life (Hwy 82 & The Longest Back Roads of Louisiana)

hwy 82 in Louisiana This weekend we were headed back from Texas and we discovered the back roads of Louisiana. Seriously guys, this was the longest back roads EVER. I’ve always said that my husband is the king of back roads, but he really outdid himself this time. We decided to go up the coast along Highway 82. There’s not much on this Highway 82 except the coast. And to make it worse, it was Sunday. On Sunday in Louisiana, everything is closed with the exception of most gas stations. So as we drove up Highway 82 we did not have all the options that we would have on Interstate 10. Let me put it to you this way, from the moment we entered Louisiana, we did not see a place to eat for 4 hours. Thankfully, we found one gas station open where we could have a potty break.hwy 82 in louisiana back roads Highway 82 wasn’t all bad. We passed the Holly Beach, Cameron, Louisiana and several other small Louisiana towns. We got to experience the sunset long Highway 82. Because there was nothing but trees, swamps and the coast, the sunset was remarkable. My husband griped because this highway went on forever. It made our trip home several hours longer. He was tired and ready to be home. Towards the end of the back roads, it was dark and we had to depend on the GPS to get us home.

But I was kind of happy that we took the back roads of Louisiana. You see, I never would have seen the beautiful scenery or the amazing sunset had we not gone down Highway 82. We would not have had the time as a family play a couple extra road games. Of course, the license plate game and I Spy were a little challenging since we were the only people on Highway 82. But it was fun nonetheless.

back roads

Sometimes life takes us down the back roads. It seems like it must have been a big mistake. We ask why are we on this never-ending highway to nowhere. We ask why we are all alone. We ask what the purpose of this detour is. Sometimes we think it’s a waste of our time. But the funny thing is, when we’re traveling down those back roads we can experience some of life’s greatest lessons and blessings.

beauty in the backroadsWe can see things that God intended for us to see. Things we might not have seen otherwise. Sure the Interstate that everyone else is taking looks much easier. It is faster and predictable. But those on the Interstate will experience the same thing that everyone else is. They will not see the beauty that you see. They will not have a story tell. They will not appreciate the reaching their destination as much as you.

So enjoy what seems to be the back roads of life. Embrace it. Take notes and share your story. You are the blessed one.

  • Yes ma’am. You ALWAYS take the right roads and I’m glad they lead you to the journeys that make you write like this. Who needs to take the road most traveled? Not you. Keep busting the mold, and enjoying life. I love your journey. I love that you constantly take the back roads. I just kind of love YOU!

  • Very true! Just because we take a back road doesn’t mean it isn’t the best road for us!