3 Free Workout Videos: Burn to the Beat 10 Minute Workouts

On my weight loss journey, fitness is the most difficult part for me. I LOVE the free workout videos online to help me get in my exercise at home! Even better than that, are SHORT and FUN workout videos. Burn the Beat 10 minute workouts are a great options for stay at home moms like me. Get fit without leaving the house!

The Daily Burn’s Keaira LaShae’s fun new series Burn to the Beat, currently live on Lionsgate’s BeFit Channel, is really taking off. The series debuted June 24, and takes viewers through 4 ten-minute workout sessions incorporating key elements from dance, cardio and strength training. New episodes of Burn to the Beat premiere every Tuesday with a second round of new episodes set to debut in the fall.

Check out the first three episodes of Burn to the Beat below:

Episode 1: “10 Minute Cardio Dance Abs Workout”

Episode 2: “Cardio Fitness Party Workout”

Episode 3: “Brazilian Booty Burn Workout”

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