When God Moves

when god movesIt is no secret that the last 11 months have been very challenging for me and my little family. When we moved to a new state, left behind family and friends, and started a new life in this small town, I struggled.  I knew it was what God wanted for us and knew we were supposed to be here. But I did not totally agree.

I was like a kid being pulled into a doctor office, trying to be brave, but unable to hide the terrified feeling and tears of what is to come. You could say, I came kicking and screaming, but knowing I was supposed to go. So I sort of did it willingly. I tried to put my heart into it. I struggled. Depression hit hard. I did not want to make new friends. I did not want to even try. It was too hard. I sat here in my hole feeling sorry for myself. Real mature, right?

A few weeks ago something changed in me. On one of our many trips back to Houston, I realized we would never be able to make a life HERE if we kept running back THERE. After trying 2 churches, we had almost given up hope on finding our place here. So it was easier to go home often. Go where we felt welcomed and wanted. But, like I said, we needed to stop. We needed to embrace life in Louisiana.

So, we tried another church. This time GOD was leading us. He put it on our hearts to go to this church. When we walked in the doors we felt his presence and felt that our friends were in that place. Have you ever experienced that moment? The moment you feel that “ahhhh ha” moment and know that is where you are supposed to be? My husband and I both felt it. AND little man, who is scared of everyone, was not scared. He was comforted and excited to be there.

So fast forward a few weeks to now. I have made new friends that I know I will be connected with forever. I just know it. I feel GOD working in our lives in a mighty way! I feel like he is finally showing us why we are HERE and how he can use us here. I’d like to say it is because I was so obiedent in coming to New Iberia and trusting each step of the way. But that is not true. He loved, protected, and guided us even in my doubt and wavering faith. take life one piece at a time

Isn’t that how God moves? Sometimes we have to wait. I don’t think he was making us suffer. He wasn’t trying to make us miserable. He was waiting for the right time to reveal the next piece in this puzzle. Sometimes we have to take life one piece at a time. I don’t know why he works how he does. I’ll never understand his timing. BUT that is OK, because I am not in control, he is. Even in the moments when I am at my darkest, I know he has a plan and he is working.

If you are in that place right now where you just don’t get it. The moment in time when you feel like he forgot about you. The moment when things are dark and confusing. The moment YOU are trying to figure out your purpose. STOP. Trust. Have faith. Watch God work. He is moving. He is moving in your life right now. AND when the time is right he will reveal the next piece of your puzzle to you. Don’t stop communicating with him. You’ll need to be ready when he speaks to you!

  • I”m so happy you’ve found a church home. It’s helped me having somewhere familiar to go every week. So nice to finally hear people saying my name. Not quite the same as home, but it’s been nice! I’m still waiting for the next piece!