Sesame Street Baby Natural Line Review & Giveaway 5 winners

My daughter has severe skin issues. This means I am very careful about what we use in our home. Shampoo, Soaps and Lotions are all things that I have to check carefully. I look for to many ingredients and ingredients that are hard on her excema. So I was really excited to hear about Sesame Street Baby Naturals Line.

Here is some information on their site that got me all excited!

With Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe, Sesame Street® Baby Naturals products were developed especially for gentle cleansing and natural moisturizing.Available in Baby Shampoo & Wash, Baby Bubble Bath, and Shea Butter Baby Lotion.

We have taken extra care to ensure the best for baby: Tear-Free, Hypo-Allergenic, Dermatologist & Pediatrician Tested, Dye-Free, and Paraben-Free. Each formula also contains naturally-derived ingredients to nourish skin and help restore natural moisture.

Exciting Right? If you have a sensitive child like me then you know awesome it is to find new “natural” products! Many items claim to be all natural but are not. Since Sesame Street is a well known family company and I trust their claims I HAD to try these products! I was given the oppertunity to review these 3 items below for you and share my opinion one mom to another with you.

The  Sesame Street Baby Natural’s bath products that we tried out were  Baby Shampoo & Wash, Baby Bubble Bath and Shea Butter Baby Lotion. Now keep in mind that I am very picky with what I use on my kids skin.  I was skeptical but hopeful!

The first thing I LOVED  about the Natural Bath Product Line was the SMELL! We all love the “baby smell” . This was a mixture of sweet and baby. That is the best way I can discribe it. We loved the bubble bath. The kids loved that it made fun bubbles. Next we used the body wash & shampoo combo. I LOVE all in one products! They save so much time. Now the next test was “Is it really tear free?” And I am so happy to say that it is! As usuall soap ended up in the eyes but there were NO TEARS! When the bath was over and they were dryed off we tried the lotion. Again I LOVE the smell!  It was so smooth and easy to apply. The last test was to wait and see if they had any reactions to the new products.

I WAS THRILLED to see the next day that there were still no bad reactions. The claims are true! The Sesame Street Natural Bath Products are APPROVED by me. I am so excited to have a new line that is safe for my daughters sensitive skin! And this one smells better than any I have ever tried!

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