Nutrisystem Week 3 Weigh In and The Scale

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The scale can be super scary. But not if you are on Nutrisystem. I have to make myself wait to get on the scale. Last week I had a dr appointment mid week and it was so fun to see a lower number on the scale! The Dr could see I was trying! Before I share the scale with you, here are some of my

14 Free Valentines Printables For Kids

14 free valentines printables

 Valentines Day is almost here. I don’t know about you, but it stresses me out to shop for and find the perfect Valentine cards for my kids. I would much rather do something totally unique and fun. I am super excited about the following list I have for you. We are so lucky!  All of us these bloggers have done some amazing work and shared

Week 2 Weigh In and How to Track Your Nutrsystem

How to track Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem Reviews: It is time for a weekly weigh in! Before I give the weekly weigh in stats I wanted to talk about how to track your Nutrisystem. Tracking is something that really helps me reach my weight loss goal as well as stay on track. There are 2 ways to track your Nutrisystem foods and journey. #NsNation Ad #weightloss

Nutrisystem Recipe: Chocolate Iced Coffee With Protein Shake

Nutrisystem Recipe: Chocolate Iced Coffee With Protein Shake

It’s no secret that I love coffee. That used to be all I had for breakfast. Now that I am on the nutrisystem plan I have to have breakfast. I am learning to enjoy and actually crave something when I wake up. But I admit I have trouble eating an entree and a powerfuel like I need to. So I found a solution. Iced coffee