VeggieTales Princess and The Pop Star – A Review and DVD Giveaway!

I have mentioned time and time again how particular I am about what my kids watch. One that I am always happy with my kids watching is VeggieTale titles. VeggieTales works to uphold a christian standard on their products. They do this while still making it fun and entertaining for kids! My daughter has always loved VeggieTales. And since she is a self-declared Princess I

Free Rio Friendship Day E- Cards #RioFriendshipDay

Today is National Friendship Day. I am enjoying reading your friendship stories as entries to the Rio DVD Prize Pack Giveaway. I also LOVE seeing all the tweets! Please keep them coming! Today I have some fun Friendship Day ECards for you to print or share online. Each card is in Adobe form. Click on “Menu” then “Download and Share”. Enjoy! width=”365″ height=”400″ align=”middle” play=”true”

Dash 4 Cash And Win Amazon Codes! Daytime Dash! Don’t Miss It!

The next Dash 4 Cash will be held on FRIDAY 7/29 from 2 PM – 3 PM EST. This week we are going with the Amazon Code theme. Each blog is contributing a prize for one winner. The prizes will all be $5 Amazon Codes! RULES – To enter, you must “like” as many Facebook pages as you can in 60 minutes and fill out

NEEDED People with Seasonal Allergies: You May Recieve FREE Exams, Medicine & Compensation!

Acurian, a company that connects people with clinical research doctors, is looking for people with seasonal allergies! They are not looking in my area. BUT my children both suffer from allergies. We spend hundreds a year on their medicines and doctor visits. I wanted to share in case you are in the same situation! Here are the details: We’re currently helping a pharmaceutical company find