Welcome Home, Baby: Making Lifelong Friends With the Family Dog


  As if your playful and mischievous dog was not enough – you’re planning on introducing a baby into the family.  Dogs and your new baby can become lifelong friends if the right precedents are set.  To make sure it’s a good match, there are a number of things you should do ahead of time.   Seek the Help of a Professional   Young dogs

Hard Knock Life: What to Do When Your Child Experiences a Mouth Injury

  We all want our kids to survive their childhood with their teeth intact but as so many parents know, life sometimes gets in the way and they can sustain some sort of injury as a result of an accident at some point. We are left wondering what to do when your child experiences a mouth injury. If your child experiences a mouth injury, it

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Valentine Decorations

easy and inexpensive Valentine

Are you looking for some easy and inexpensive DIY Valentine Decorations ideas? I’m excited to share two projects that took only a couple minutes each.  The first project is a Conversation Heart Candle votive. You only need 3 items to make this.  Conversation Hearts Votive hlder Candle Fill your votive holder half full of Conversation hearts and place your candle on the top. You shouldn’t