Understanding Low Carb Diets and Starting Atkins


As you know, I am always trying new ways to lose weight. My weight is a constant battle for me. It is time to try something new at the direction of my doctor. This time I am trying the low carb diet most commonly known as the Atkins Diet. Generally, the low carb diet has various versions. Among the well-known versions of the low carb diet

Encouragement: Scriptures For When You Feel Like A Failure

scriptures about failure

Do you ever feel like a failure? I do! As I sit here writing this, I do! In so many ways I feel like a failure. This week it has really hit me how I have failed. I could list a dozen reasons right now why I feel like I am a failure. But I will not, there is no need to go over them all

There’s a Troubled Teen in the Family. What Should I Say?


There’s a Troubled Teen in the Family. What Should I Say? You’ve watched this teen grow up from birth, and your love knows no bounds. But you also know that there have been problems, and now things have reached a crisis point and his or her parents have made the decision to send their teen to a therapeutic boarding school. It can be awkward to

Outdoor, Pre-lit, Easy Storage Christmas Tree Discount Code

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