More Fun Fall Crafts Using Nature: Painting with Acorns

painting with acorns

There are so many fun nature crafts you can do with kids including painting with acorns! Being crafty with items from nature  is so much fun for kids and adults! It is just turning fall in our area and the leaves and acorns are all over the place. This morning to help with my son's energy we went for a walk to collect items for a fall sensory bin. We came home with more acorns than we needed so … [Read more...]

Sensory Friendly Finding Nemo in 3D at Select Theaters

finding nemo sensory friendly

What: Finding Nemo in 3D is being offered in a sensory friendly setting! Date: September 22, 2012 Time: Times vary Where: AMC Theaters - Check this list for a location near  you. … [Read more...]

What are Sensory Friendly Movies?

Have you heard of Sensory Friendly Movies for autistic kids? This is an amazing service offered by many theaters nationwide and locally. We had the opportunity to attend some this summer and it was the best experience ever! Like many children on the Autism Septrum, my son can not sit through a standard movie at the theaters! Once the previews start the hands go up and cover those ears and he … [Read more...]

Autism United aMazement Giveaway Extravaganza (4 prizes: KidKraft, Paypal, Sensory Edge & More)

Autism United is teaming up with Sensory Edge and several other Autism supporting bloggers to bring you a giveaway you’ve all been waiting for! From Wednesday January 25th at 12:01am EST to February 1st at 12:01am EST we will be hosting a giveaway offering you some awesome prizes! What could you win? For our aMazement Giveaway Extravaganza we are giving away the following prizes: Anatex … [Read more...]

Your Child Has Autism….Now What?

“Your Child Has Autism, a Developmental Disability," What to Do When You Receive a Diagnosis This is a guest post from Amalia Starr,Autism & Special Needs Motivational Speaker, Author , and Founder of Autism Independence Project. It is important to be aware that negative feelings will arise. Try not to get attached to those feelings, don't numb them out, and don't bury them. They will … [Read more...]

Is it Autism? My Story of Denial, Acceptance, Learning & Love


This is a personal post that I want to share with you all. I think it is important to share things in hopes that we can help one another. This is about my son. People have started to say things about some of his behaviors. He is 2 and as a mom I had decided that is just his personality. But as people started to point things out and I started to really watch him I realized we might have a problem. … [Read more...]

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