Encouragement: Scriptures For When You Feel Like A Failure

scriptures about failure

Do you ever feel like a failure? I do! As I sit here writing this, I do! In so many ways I feel like a failure. This week it has really hit me how I have failed. I could list a dozen reasons right now why I feel like I am a failure. But I will not, there is no need to go over them all

Hard Knock Life: What to Do When Your Child Experiences a Mouth Injury

  We all want our kids to survive their childhood with their teeth intact but as so many parents know, life sometimes gets in the way and they can sustain some sort of injury as a result of an accident at some point. We are left wondering what to do when your child experiences a mouth injury. If your child experiences a mouth injury, it

Letting go… Getting Ready To Send My Baby To Kindergarten


All I ever wanted was to be a mom. It was a hard struggle to become one. Both times, it was a miracle and a blessing. After my little man was born it was not long before I knew I could not work outside the home anymore. I just could not be away from my kids. My daughter was in school, but I still had a chance