Martin Luther King Grande Parade 2012 In Houston Texas: A look from inside the parade

Monday morning was a beautiful windy, sunny day! The perfect day for a parade. That is exactly what hundreds of thousands of other Houstonians thought as they lined the streets of downtown Houston Monday morning for the 2012 Martin Luther King Grande Parade. I was so excited that my daughter and I were invited to join the Chevy Houston team in the parade. For those of you who have not attended … [Read more...]

The Chevy Traverse On A Road Trip… How Many Will It Hold? #chevygirls

When I started the Chevy Traverse test drive I asked on facebook what you wanted to know. The most popular question was how many does it hold comfortably. So we loaded up the car this weekend for a road trip and I packed the camera. Here is a short video so you can see up close how roomy it is. We had 6 people in the car and easily could have added 2 more. Take a look: Impressive right? I am so … [Read more...]

We Wished Chevy Happy Birthday! You Gotta See This! #chevygirls)

OK I do not normally enter online contests, especially video contests! Actually I NEVER enter them! But as you know I am a Chevy Girl! In fact I am test driving the Chevy Traverse right now! So I had to jump in a do a little something for Chevy's 100th birthday! Check out the video of me and my little man singing in the Traverse to Chevy here. Feel free to vote by clicking on "VOTE" at the top … [Read more...]

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