Rockin’ In The Malibu

Rockin’ in the Malibu from Heather Brummett on Vimeo. Now that we know all the awesome things this radio can do we are LOVING it!

A Birthday Celebration- Made Easier Thanks To My Malibu!

This week we celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday! The 1st is always so SPECIAL! We decided to try a new restaurant to celebrate! This was a perfect opportunity to try out the On Star in my 2010 Chevy Malibu! A Birthday Celebration made easier in our Malibu from Heather Brummett on Vimeo.

Grocery Shopping in The Malibu

Honestly, other than being on a mission to save lots of money with my coupons there is nothing very exciting about grocery shopping. However this weekend that was not the case. This grocery trip was very EXCITING!