Oscar Movie Screening Party with #Orville Redenbacher’s Pop Up Bowls (#couchcritics on #collectivebias)


The Oscars are this weekend! Who is excited? I AM! We have seen most of the “Best Picture” nominated films. There are 2 that we have not seen. So I decided this called for a Oscar Movie Screening Party! I wanted to join my Couch Critics and tell what I thought! First Things First! We […]

An affordable, fun and delicious Mexican Dish! (#collectivebias #weeknightmeals)


This week at our mid-week fellowship at church we are having a Mexican Feast. I am not a great cook but I needed to come up with something. So I turned to my trusty laptop. one of my favorite sites is www.recipematcher.com . If you have not tried it you should! It is FREE and […]

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