Did God Forget About Us?


This has been a hard year.  I don’t want this to be a poor me post. I struggled about sharing this. But this blog is my safe place. If I am feeling this way, maybe someone else is too. We all need encouragement now and then.  So….this has been a hard year.  My husband lost his job in March. In June he found a job.

Getting the Family Together: 6 Things To Do On Family Night

family night

A family that does activities together stays together.  Plan a number of things to do when all members are gathered together.  In order to keep members engaged, plan a variety of activities and outings.  Here are six that will keep things fresh and family members looking forward to the next gathering.   Take a Hike   Staying active is a proven method of keeping depression

Gone Fishing: Pointers for Planning the Perfect Family Trip

Gone Fishing: Pointers for Planning the Perfect Family Trip, including the getting the License, Weather, gear, and food.

We have been wanting to fish for years. The kids really got the desire when we lived in Louisiana. This year we hope to do more fishing. If your family enjoys the outdoors, fishing can be a great way to spend time together. However, this may involve traveling to a place where there are fewer modern conveniences. Proper planning is necessary to ensure that your