Personal Safety


How often do you think about personal safety? As a mom with 2 kids always in tow, our safety is always a concern. Whether in the car, on the bike, walking at night, or falls and boo-boos a mom is always on alert. I discovered a site that offers personal safety equipment for moms, dads and kids. They have first aid kits for small and

Cheap and Free Summer Movies for Kids 2012

This summer avoid the “Mom I’m bored” syndrome by planning some cheap or free outings. Here are the movie theaters that are offering discounted movies for kids this summer. Summer KidFest at Cinemaworld Every day at 10 am through June and July.  Children are FREE. Adults are just $2 or FREE with the donation to a charity. See the Cinemaworld site for more info. Participating Great Escape movie

One Step At A Time

The last few weeks have been crazy for me and my family. We have sold our house and decided to rent a house untill we can pay mostly cash for a new home. It is all part of our financial peace process. Being in moments of uncertainty can be so scary. I have had to step away from the blog a bit during all the