Just for Kids in January: Learn to Snowboard and Ski Free Month

Learn to Snowboard and Ski

  January is ‘Learn to Ski and Snowboard’ Month.  It’s a great time for the kids to finally learn a new sport that is fun, healthy, and can become a lifelong hobby.   This puts parents in a place to introduce kids to something new and save some money in the process.  Find designated resorts that advertise the kids-focused promotion.  Additionally, be sure kids have

15 Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

homemade body scrub recipes

I love a nice relaxing bath! There is something about a great smelling body scrub that makes my skin very happy! Here are some easy homemade body scrub recipes that I want to try. These make perfect DIY gift ideas. Make these homemade body scrub recipes for a gift or treat yourself! Which will you try first? Homemade Oatmeal Body Scrub by Second Chance Girl Banana

Know the Difference: Defective Products Vs. Recalled Products

product recall

There are many thousands or products on sale and the vast majority of them do what they promise and give us a reasonable return on our investment.The problem comes when something goes wrong with a product and it doesn’t perform as expected, creating a potentially dangerous situation from a defective product, so how do you define the difference and exercise your consumer rights? Do you

Simple Eco Friendly and Money Saving Home Improvements


If you are hoping that the cost of heating and cooling your home is going to go down rather than up at some point, you are probably going to be disappointed. The fact that global energy demands continue to rise and because we have a finite amount of fossil fuels and other traditional sources of energy, we all need to try and be greener. This