Sell Your Home or Rent It Out: Making the Right Money Moves

buying and selling

  If you have decided to move to another home or have to locate to a different area due to work commitments, this can sometime lead to a dilemma as to whether it would be better to sell your home or rent it out. You can use someone like to help you with the arrangements whatever you decide to do, but first you will

Buying Your Home: Simple Ways to Encourage the Seller to Accept Your Offer

You’ve found the home of your dreams, and now all you’ve got to do is have your offer accepted. This is the tense part for most home buyers. You may have spent weeks or months looking for an opportunity like this, and you don’t want to miss out. But you also don’t want to pay more than you have to, especially when you could end

 Coupon Apps Save You More Than Money


Clipping coupons out of newspapers and magazines doesn’t have the same effect it once did. The latest method for finding discounts and savings is by searching coupon sites on the internet. These sites are useful in that they provide access to new savings that print media can’t match. However, in some ways, the power of these promotion code sites is lulling bargain hunters into a

Millennials and Credit


Social commentators like to define a generation with a catchy title that is considered relevant to their characteristics or the period in history that they come from. The latest generation to come under this spotlight are the millennials, who are a group of people who entered adulthood at around the dawning of a new millennium. While you could argue that not much original thought may