How to Turn a Jack-O-Lantern in to a Snowman!

How to turn a Jack-O-Lantern in to a snowman

Did your kids have a ton of fun this year carving their pumpkins? Was there more decorating they wanted to do but just not enough time to do it? It seems like no matter who you talk to, everyone’s favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. I mean, if Tim Burton can combine Halloween and Christmas, two seemingly very different holidays that actually, when you think about

13 Tips for Hiking with Kids


Enjoying the great outdoors with the family is sometimes easier said than done, especially when you have little ones. You want to share the joys, wonders, and beauties of mother nature in all her beauty with your loved ones but suddenly someone says “I’m tired!,” “I’m hungry!,” “My feet hurt!,” or the dreaded “I want to go HOME!” As parents, we must be prepared for

DIY Peppermint Serving Dish

DIY Peppermint Serving tray, plates, coaster

Have you seen the adorable DIY Peppermint serving dish, coasters, plates, etc. floating around on Pinterest? I discovered it at the end of last year’s holidays and knew I wanted to try it this year. This project is so much fun and is a great craft for kids too! Grab your little ones and head to the kitchen! You can make these in no time