Free Arthritis Guide

If you know someone with Arthritis or you have it yourself this is for you! In this guide you can learn about:

What About Mom’s Teeth? #buildingsmiles

Last month I talked about oral care for kids  and how to get kids excited about brushing! The overall response I got from moms was that we all make this a priority. Then it occurred to me it is not just the kids that need to care for their teeth. What about Mom’s Teeth? Does […]

Nutrisystem Week 30 Update! #NSNation

This was week 30 for me on the Nutrisystem plan. I said last week I was recommitting! AND I DID! I got my Nutrisystem App ready and used it every day! It is GREAT for helping keep track of what you have eaten and what you still need to eat. On Nutrisystem it is important […]

Caring for Children’s Teeth (#BuildingSmiles )


We have been having a battle in our home about brushing teeth. Specifically with my 5 year old. Trying to get a 5 year old to stand in the bathroom for 2 minutes focusing on her teeth is very challenging! We have tried the flavored tooth paste but that does not help. We have tried […]

FREE Arthritis Guide

Receive an Arthritis Guide booklet free here. My husband has arthritis so I am excited to receive this.

Free Arthritis Guide

Receive an Arthritis Guide booklet FREE! Click HERE

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