Nutrisystem Week 16 Weigh In {Exciting Beyond The Scale Victory} #NSNation


This was week 16 on the Nutrisystem plan.  I have EXCITING news to share! This is what I call a "beyond the scale victory". This week my pants were VERY LOOSE! So much so that they were falling off. That is good I know but ...not if all of your pants are falling off and you have nothing to wear. Then I remembered putting clothes in the attic a long time ago. When I was pregnant with our daughter. … [Read more...]

Week 15 on Nutrisystem {And my husband is catching up} #NSNation

weight 15

This week My goal was to workout more. Well that did NOT happen! I felt really bad this week and ended up spending most of the week on the couch. :( I was very worried about what the scale would show this week. I was able to stick to my Nutrisystem plan. I ate alot of greens! Cucumbers and Tomatoes are my snack of choice. Alot more water this week too. That is something new for me. YEAH!   I … [Read more...]

Nutrisytem Week 14 Weigh In {The Scale Moved!} #NSNation

ns week14

Well the scale has been STUCK the last 2 weeks! You know I have been bummed because nothing was changing. But I carried on. This week I started power walking. I walked 2 miles Tuesday and Thursday. It felt so good! I have not done that since High School! I am so thankful to Nutrisystem for getting me back toa healthy place where I could walk 2 miles. There is NO WAY I could have done that 14 weeks … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Weekly Weigh in {Week 13} #NSNation

Nutrisystem wk13

WOW! It has been 13 WEEKS! This was another hard week. For some reason the scale did not move. Let me tell you that the support system that you receive while on Nutrisystem is AMAZING! Really! I am so impressed! Yesterday as I sat so confused and upset that I was not losing weight I remembered "I HAVE PEOPLE". There are lots of ways to reach my "people"/ You can chat online, email or call your … [Read more...]

Nutrisystem Week 12 & A Wake Up Call

WOW! It has been 12 WEEKS! I admit I took a peak at the scale on Thursday---I was bummed. I was UP! I thought no way! But then this morning I got on the scale and again it was up. :(  I did not take a picture because...well it was depressing. But just for the record the weekly weight in was 166.8. So I am up 1.2 pounds.  While I was pouting and feeling sorry for myself I recieved some shocking … [Read more...]

Weekly Weigh In Week 11 & Slowly adding in Exercise (Baby Steps) #NSNation

week 11

WOW! It has been 11 WEEKS! I can't believe it! This week I started something new--- working out! I decided not to workout at a gym or with a trainer. Nothing HUGE. I decided to take baby steps since it has been years since I was physically active! So I started with workout DVDs. One was geared for moms - New Mommy Makeover (see review and giveaway here)  and one was a dancing dvd. I alternated … [Read more...]

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