Understanding Low Carb Diets and Starting Atkins


As you know, I am always trying new ways to lose weight. My weight is a constant battle for me. It is time to try something new at the direction of my doctor. This time I am trying the low carb diet most commonly known as the Atkins Diet. Generally, the low carb diet has various versions. Among the well-known versions of the low carb diet

How a Hormonal Imbalance Can Affect Weight

Hormones are the key drivers of many of our body’s systems. Hormones are messengers. They are substances that are produced in our body that regulate almost all of our physiological processes. Hormones are transferred through the bloodstream and delivered to muscles and tissues. Because they are so important, an imbalance in your hormones can lead to some serious problems, including weight gain. Gaining weight as

How To Take The NEW Advocare Cleanse & Tips To Succeed

advocare 10 day cleanse tips

I am so excited to start back on the Advocare 10 day cleanse, which is also the first 10 days of the Advocare 24 day challenge. Here are some NEW Advocare cleanse tips to succeed that will help you lose weight! This is all about Spring Cleaning for your body. It is also known as an oil change for your body. It is a gentle way to

Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutrisystem Protein Shake Recipe

My favorite sweets include chocolate and peanut butter. Did you know that you can enjoy both of these on the Nutrisystem diet? You actually enjoy a lot of chocolate on Nutrisystem. I love that. Today I was craving sweets and I did not want to over do it and use up my calories and options for the day.  So I made  this Chocolate Peanut Butter